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Conor Warren

Hey! I'm Conor Warren, the 18-year-old Founder and CEO at Spark UK—an award-winning youth-led mental health organization committed to making 'sparking conversations around mental health'. In addition to my leadership role at Spark UK, I am actively involved in various pursuits, such as public speaking, advocating for mental health awareness, and contributing my time as a dedicated volunteer.

Currently, I call North Devon home, having previously lived across the South West. I am currently a Year 13 student, studying BTECs in Business, Creative Media Production and Performing Arts.

My journey has been marked by personal struggles with mental health, providing me with a unique perspective that fuels my commitment to Spark UK's mission. In 2020, I came out as gay and now advocate for LGBTQIA+ Projects.

My Story

Ever since I can remember, I've been deeply committed to making a positive impact on the world, particularly in the realm of mental health. In 2020, fuelled by my own experiences and a profound desire to help others, I founded Spark UK, an award-winning mental health organization dedicated to spreading awareness, support, and resources to those in need. Since its inception in 2020, I have helped the organisation to grow, leading new campaigns and raising the conversation around youth mental health in schools. The campaigns I have led have worked with big names including Dame Judi Dench, Dame Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry. 

As a mental health advocate, I firmly believe in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health and creating a culture of compassion, acceptance and understanding. Throughout my work, I have worked with councils and organisations to share my own experiences as well as those of my peers to help adopt new outlets on mental health. I have also actively supported on a number of university research projects around mental health and wellbeing.

In my journey as a public speaker, I've been privileged to share my own story of founding an organisation as well as my own mental health journey, aiming to inspire and empower audiences far and wide. From small groups to prominent platforms, I believe in the transformative power of words, and I strive to ignite hope and change through my speaking engagements. I have delivered a variety of talks including to Rotary Clubs, Schools and Forums. Most recently, I was a guest panellist at the London Design Biennale, talking about AI and the impact social media has on our youth. 

Entrepreneurship is my vehicle for enacting positive change in the world. The challenges of building Spark UK have strengthened my determination, creativity, and leadership skills. My entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive me to explore new avenues and develop innovative solutions to address the pressing mental health needs of our society. In 2022, i was the managing director of Growing Greetings - a student-led company part of the Young Enterprise Programme. I took the team all the way to the UK final, winning the award for sustainability and setting a new school record. 

Having been featured on esteemed media outlets like Men's Health, Sky News, BBC, and The Guardian, I'm grateful for the opportunities to share my message with a broader audience. These moments have allowed me to amplify the voices of those who need to be heard and advocate for meaningful change at a systemic level.


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