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What People Say...

"Conor, you are awesome! So honest, wise & inspirational, thank you for sharing your personal story so eloquently and your passion around yp's mental health. What a powerful & memorable opening to SaFest week" - Anonymous Guest on SaFest Webinar

"you are an amazing example of how young people with mental heath can come through it and help support others. Thank you so much. You are incredible"  - Anonymous Guest on SaFest Webinar

"Thank you so much, Conor, for your advice, your honesty, and all your input.  That was a fantastic presentation.  As a MH practitioner, and a parent of teenagers, this has been invaluable." - Anonymous Guest on SaFest webinar

"Conor, very kindly, agreed to our request to be our Guest Speaker, at our recent Community Awards​.

We packed Barnstaple Hotel with over 190 members of the community who give so much; a room high on community spirit and with a tangible feel good factor engulfing the room all evening and with a continued afterglow flowing through the community  


Conor was our only Guest Speaker and he was absolutely did more than we could ever of expected


He spoke with maturity beyond his years, as well as passion and dedication to ensuring the young of our community - do not struggle as he has had to and is such a champion for system change, coming from lived experience. He most certainly has a knack for reading the room and pitching his talk just perfectly. 


Conor utilised the right amount of humour mixed with sensitivity, and you could not hear a pin drop in the room, as his articulation grabbed everyone's attention.


Conor is a bright, personable, knowledgeable young man, with so much flair and potential, and we can not thank him enough for making our Community Awards  - extra special.


Thank you Conor, keep on being you and keep on doing what you do! The World needs more of you and what you bring to the table. " 

- Marie Gould, CEO of North Devon Voluntary Service

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