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How to better support your young people with their mental well-being

I am often asked by parents, teachers of professionals how they can support their young people with their mental health. This very topic is something that i share in many of my workshops and keynote talks. And it all comes down to three simple things...

1. Empower Young People

Young people want to be treated as young adults rather than looked down upon. If you are wanting to have a young person open up to you, the best way is to be honest yourself. This transparency and honesty can often work both ways, and will allow young people to feel safer talking to you. 

2. Be A Role Model

Modelling active listening skills to show that their concerns and perspectives are valued and not stupid. We are all 'experts in experience'.

3. Remain Relevant

The last thing a young person wants is an adult to be trying to stay 'cool' in a cringe way. Try to use correct terminology when talkign to young people, but if you may a mistake, correct yourself or ask for help in understanding where you went wrong. Continue researching and staying up-to-date with what is going on in the world and what might impact them.

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